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MitaCell VitD3 30ml

MitaCell VitD3 30ml

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Vitamin D3
Supports healthy bone structure, cardiovascular function, and immune response
Product features
• Convenient: A convenient Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
• Performance: Bioavailable, bioactive form of micellised Vitamin D 3
• Purity: Hypoallergenic formula
Mechanisms of action
• Bone structure: Vitamins D3 is a fat soluble vitamin. when micellised its absorption is dramatically improved to support healthy calcium metabolism and bone mineralization throughout the body. Often referred to as “the sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D supports normal calcium and phosphorus absorption, which are essential for healthy bone formation.
• Cardiovascular function: Emerging studies show that vitamin D deficiency is a highly prevalent condition, and is independently associated with most cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. Experimental studies have established a role for vitamin D metabolites in pathways that are integral to healthy cardiovascular function, including inflammation, thrombosis, and the renin–angiotensin system (RAS).Additionally, vitamin D3 supports the normal activity of matrix Gla protein (MGP), which maintains healthy calcium balance in vascular tissues. Clinical research suggests that vitamin D3 provides support for healthy cardiovascular function.
Recent studies have shown that vitamins D3 supports healthy functioning of both innate and adaptive immune response. Offspring Study, one of the longest standing studies on generational health, higher serum levels of vitamin D were associated with stronger immune function and a balanced inflammatory response.

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