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Tyent 500ml Alkaline Spray Bottle

Tyent 500ml Alkaline Spray Bottle

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Carry a small spray bottle of Alkaline Water to keep your hands clean or to spiff up your desk or other surfaces at the office. It helps stop the spread of bacteria. Use Alkaline Water to clean toys, high chairs and other surfaces. It helps keep children safe by stopping the spread of germs. Use Alkaline Water to wash dishes and to clean utensils, dishcloths, towels and containers. Clean surfaces help stop the spread of germs without the residue of harsh chemical cleaners.

500ml  of amazing Alakaline water for cleaning! Our stainless steel bottles are made from SS316 surgical grade stainless steel and are double-walled. These bottles will keep the hydrogen properties active for up to 48 hours! Just amazing.

By using our purpose-specific products you can maximise the various uses of the water from your Tyent Ioniser. See our ‘Uses’ Guide for further information. No other Water Ioniser supplier is supplying such high-grade stainless steel products. Our Ionisers produce the world’s highest quality water and our containers are manufactured to maintain this quality.

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